Why cheap isn’t always best in pipe fabrication

If you’re searching for pipe fabrication for your next project, you’ll likely be enquiring about the costs involved.

We understand that budgets are tight when it comes to certain projects. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that opting for the cheapest option is going to be the best one. It can sometimes pose issues and impact the quality of materials.

Keep reading to find out how price can impact outcome, as well as other important things you should consider when choosing pipe fabrication.


Introduction to pipe fabrication

Pipe fabrication is an important process in the construction and industrial sectors. It involves the precise cutting, shaping, and assembling of pipes to meet the specific design and functional requirements needed for each individual project.

At Abbey Pipework Fabricators, we fabricate pipework off-site. This essentially means we carry out all fabrication work away from the site for enhanced quality and to ensure reliability of the process.

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8 benefits of quality pipework fabrication

1. Guaranteed durability

By investing in higher quality materials, pipework fabricators can ensure that the pipes will have long-lasting durability. This also means they are less likely to corrode over time. 

If you were to choose the cheapest option, you wouldn’t necessarily have the same reassurance (even if they try to tell you otherwise).

You can also count on the fact that the slightly higher priced pipe fabrication services are those that are fully skilled in the craft.

Typically, skilled fabricators produce higher quality work which essentially leads to longer-lasting installations.


2. Improved safety

Another reason quality pipework fabrication takes advantage over cheaper pipework is that it’s safe.

Pipe fabrication companies with more experience should adhere to the correct industry standards and regulations. Not only does this make the process safer, it also means the quality of pipework is going to be better.

High-quality fabrication also reduces the risk of leaks, bursts, and other failures that can cause safety hazards and costly damages. Whereas, those cheaper options may be more unreliable.


3. Precision and accuracy

Reputable fabricators use advanced technologies like CAD and spool drawings for precise design and fabrication. The use of these technologies for pipe fabrication means project managers can rely on having pipework with the perfect fit and function.

Not only do they use such technology, these fabricators ensure that all components meet the exact specifications needed. This reduces the risk of any errors and misalignments during the installation of pipework.


4. Long-term cost savings

Although you might be spending more money upfront when using a reputable pipe fabrication company, you’ll probably be saving money in the long-run.

Investing in quality pipe fabrication ultimately reduces the frequency and cost of repairs and maintenance over the pipework’s lifespan, as mentioned previously. This level of pipe fabrication is also less likely to fail, which prevents any future costly disruptions to operations.


5. Equipment

If you are investing in high-quality pipework then you can be rest assured that the quality of equipment being used is of the highest level.

At Abbey Pipework Fabricators, we use a range of equipment including overhead cranes and automatic band saws. Our equipment allows us to handle projects of all sizes (no job is ever too big).

Top-level equipment means your pipework projects can be completed with precision, reliability and quicker turnaround times. However, those offering cheaper services will most likely have cheaper equipment in place which may not be as reliable.

6. Enhanced skill set

Fabricators charging less tend to have less experience or expertise behind them compared. So, you can expect those charging more will tend to have more experience working in the industry.

This typically means that those pipe fabricators with more experience under their belts will ensure the finished pipework results in a cleaner, more professional appearance. This is important for projects with visible installations or high-profile projects.

Reputable fabricators will also ensure all works that take place are consistent in quality across all components. 


7. Advanced testing and quality assurance

High-quality fabricators conduct thorough testing. For example, some offer non-destructive testing (NDT) to ensure the integrity and performance of the pipework. This type of testing detects defects, flaws, cracks, corrosion, and other imperfections in materials or components early in their lifecycle.

By investing in NDT at Abbey Pipework ensures we’re delivering high-end, high-quality fabrication of pipework through maintaining a thorough quality management system.

However, if you find yourself paying for a cheaper service, they may not offer as thorough testing.

We pride ourselves on our quality assurance at Abbey Pipework. We ensure all customers that every piece of fabricated pipe meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our welders are qualified to BS EN 9606-1 and weld procedures are qualified to BS EN 15614-1. Each are also capable of welding Class 1 & Class 2 welds.


8. Reputation and peace of mind

Our final point rounds up all previous points. When you choose to work with established, reputable fabricators you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your pipework is in safe hands. 

So why put yourself through the worry of distrust and uncertainty?

When it comes to choosing a pipe fabrication partner, choosing top quality and reliability will always win over anything less. However, companies will sometimes opt for a cheaper option. Yet that doesn’t always guarantee the best results.


If you’re looking for a prefabrication partner who prides themselves on quality assurance and reliability, then get in touch with our team at Abbey Pipework Fabricators.